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Global International SIM card In India

Local sim cards from all over the world available at the Indian airport
International Roaming SIM India

Local SIM Card

Local prepaid SIM cards of the leading network for each country is imported into India, and making them available at equally competitive prices of the destination, thus providing convenience and huge savings in cost. It’s the same SIM you would purchase overseas and now available in India.

Data SIM

Check for unlimited facility for data, buy a package that suits you and then don’t worry about the usage anymore! Our SIM Cards can be used in tablets and iPad, our airport kiosks will be happy to convert a Macro SIM to micro or Nano if required.

Free calls

Who won’t love a free lunch, we offer you several – free incoming calls in most countries, free in-built talk-time and sometimes even free data!

It can’t get cheaper and better than this as you pay Local Rates!

  • Local Rates
    Local Rates
  • Full Covergae Network
    Local Rates
  • Superior Internet
    Local Rates
  • Free Incoming Calls
    Local Rates

Stay Connected

Unlimited Data & Whatsapp

Travel without data has become impossible – we all wish to update our WhatsApp status, remain connected on our groups and post pictures on Facebook while on vacation.

With UNICONNECT SIM Cards you can do all of this and more without fretting over the data roaming costs, per MB cost etc. We simply offer you unlimited plans for a day or a week or customise it to your preference – truly it is as easy and as cost effective as that!

No Bills. No Hassles
Prepaid Sim Card
No Bills

Easier & Cheaper than buying SIM when overseas

Why wait to land in a foreign country, stand in a queue and use foreign exchange to buy a local SIM Card when the same service is offered by Uniconnect. Buy your SIM online or at airport kiosk and share your mobile number even before you fly out.

No monthly rentals

The Uniconnect SIM Card belongs to you, No rentals, No returning the SIM, No worries of waiting for a bill at the end of every month; just pay as you go service to ensure that your mobile bills are the lowest.

No credit card blocks

Post - paid sim cards are passé! Why should you allow a provider to debit or authorize your credit-card? Take control of your communication costs and switch to pre-paid and enjoy both voice and data at lowest charges.

Stay Uniconnect.
Anywhere. Anytime.
Global Coverage in 200 Countries

Buy Pre-paid cards to make mobile communication easier and cheaper for you. You could be travelling to Malaysia or South Africa, UAE to America – UNICONNECT provides local SIM Cards for every country with lowest tariffs to call India.

Most of our products are Local in nature and have no competition in India!

Airports We Cover

  • Delhi International Airport
  • Hyderabad International Airport
  • Cochin International Airport
  • Calicut International Airport
  • Trivandrum International Airport

The Power of Re.1

Call India @ Re.1

Out Going Call RatesWe have done an exhaustive analysis of mobile bills of international travelers and it is evident that 70% of the value of bills is for making calls back home to India – as a traveler you may get lured by bundle package offering free calls or free SMS per day but truth be told, all you really need is a cheap tariff to call India and that is what Uniconnect offers you a simple solution. The rate for calling India, from many countries is as low as Re.1/- per minute.

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