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Single UK Number Roaming across countries

Abkhazia Aquafon GSM$0.18$0.39$0.72$0.17NA
Albania Eagle Mobile & Vodafone$0.49$1.01$1.96$0.51NA
Andorra Servei De Telecomunicacions d'Andorra (Andorra Telecom)$0.23$0.49$0.91$1.13NA
Armenia Armentel$0.24$0.51$0.96$0.38NA
Austria Hutchison 3G Austria GmbH & OrangeFree$0.08$0.10$0.08$0.16
Azerbaijan BakCell GSM 2000 (Azerbaijan)$0.34$0.71$1.35$0.04$0.17
Belarus Mobile TeleSystems$0.43$0.89$1.71$0.44NA
Belgium KPN Group Belgium NV/SAFree$0.26$0.45$0.08$0.16
Bonaire Curacao Telecom Free$0.35$0.64$0.05$0.06
Bosnia & Herzegovina RS Telecommunications JSC Banja Luka (m:tel)Free$0.29$0.56$0.28NA
British Virgin IslandsCable & Wireless (West Indies) LimitedFree$0.07$0.08$0.17$0.08
Bulgaria Bulgarian Telecommunications Company & MobitelFree$0.25$0.43$0.08$0.16
Croatia Croatian Telecom IncFree$0.07$0.08$0.08$0.16
Cyprus Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA) & MTNFree$0.12$0.19$0.08$0.16
Czech Republic Telefonica O2, Tmobile & VodafoneFree$0.29$0.52$0.08$0.16
Denmark TDC AS, Telenor A/S & TeliaFree$0.06$0.07$0.08$0.16
Estonia Elisa Eesti ASFree$0.56$0.98$0.08$0.16
Finland Elisa Corporation & TeliaSoneraFree$0.08$0.09$0.08$0.16
France SFR FranceFree$0.2$0.34NANA
France Bouygues TelecomFree$0.19$0.31$0.045$15.86
France Orange FranceFree$0.2$0.34NANA
Georgia Magticom LtdFree$0.29$0.51$0.05$0.05
Germany Telefónica & TelekomFree$0.09$0.11$0.075$0.16
Gibraltar GibTelecomFree$0.46$0.86$0.08$0.16
Greece COSMOTE, WIND & VodafoneFree$0.22$0.38$0.08$0.16
Greenland TELE Greenland$0.50$1.03$1.99$1.02NA
Hungary Pannon & T MobileFree$0.18$0.29$0.08$0.16
Iceland Nova ehf.Free$0.17$0.27$0.08$0.16
Ireland METEOR & O2 IrelandFree$0.06$0.06$0.08$0.16
Italy Vodafone Omnitel N.V.Free$0.22$0.38$0.04$0.28
Latvia Latvijas Mobilais Telefons, Bite and Tele2Free$1.47$2.89$0.08$0.16
Liechtenstein mobilkom & OrangeFree$0.87$1.67$0.08$0.16
Lithuania Omnitel LithuaniaFree$1.28$2.5$0.08$0.16
Luxembourg Orange, P&T and TangoFree$0.08$0.1$0.075$0.16
Macedonia T-Mobile$0.42$0.89$1.67$0.95NA
Malta Melita Mobile Ltd. Mobisle & VodafoneFree$0.06$0.06$0.08$0.16
Montenegro Crnogorski Telekom a.d. Podgorica$0.41$0.86$1.66$0.65NA
Montenegro Telenor$0.41$0.86$1.66$0.14$0.33
Netherlands T-Mobile, Telfort & VodafoneFree$0.81$1.57$0.075$0.16
Norway Telenor Mobil & TeliaFree$0.45$0.84$0.08$0.16
Poland Polkomtel SA, OrangeFree$0.40$0.74$0.08$0.16
Portugal Optimus, TMIN & VodafoneFree$1.22$2.38$0.08$0.16
Romania Cosmote & OrangeFree$0.07$0.08$0.08$0.16
San MArino San Marino Telecom SPAFree$0.29$0.52$0.08$0.16
Serbia Telecom Serbia$0.46$0.96$1.86$0.85NA
Serbia Telenor Ltd$0.46$0.96$1.86$1.02$NA
Serbia VIP Mobile Serbia$0.46$0.96$1.85$0.02$0.04
Slovakia OrangeFree$0.12$0.19$0.08$0.16
Slovakia Slovak TelekomFree$0.12$0.19$0.08$0.16
Slovenia MObitelFree$0.4$0.74$0.08$0.16
Spain France Telecom España, S.A.Free$0.05$0.03$0.075$0.16
Sweden Tele2 Comviq, Telenor & TeliaFree$0.06$0.06$0.075$0.16
Switzerland Swisscom (Switzerland) LtdFree$0.99$1.93$0.075$0.16
Turkey AveaFree$0.33$0.6$0.05$0.11
Turkey Vodafone Telekomunikasyon A.S.Free$0.28$0.50$0.43
UK Other Jersey Telecom Ltd $0.22$0.48$0.89$0.48$0.21
UK Other Cable & Wireless Guernsey$0.24$0.56$0.97$0.035$0.01
Ukraine MTS (UMC) & Astelit$0.27$0.57$1.07$0.11$0.05
Ukraine Astelit$0.26$0.56$1.05$0.12NA
United Kingdom Orange (UK) ,Tmobile & VodafoneFree$0.05$0.06$0.08$0.16


Recharge Denomination available is in multiples of Rs.1000 talk-time of US$ 13.75

Don't waste your precious time while overseas looking for recharges; buy your SIM with sufficient recharges for your trip.

GET A BONUS ON THE RECHARGE BOUGHT OF: Rs.2000+ @ 15% (making it 2300)
Rs.3000+ @ 20% (making it 3600)
Rs.4000+ @ 20% ( making it 4800)

Recommended recharges based on the trip (in Rs.)

  Voice only With Internet
3 Days 1000 2000
5 Days 2000 4000
7 Days 3000 5000

Other Important Points

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