Low Cost International Sim Card For Dubai,UAE

Call Charge Tariff Table (in Rs.), card uses a UK number

Incoming Free Talk Time Calling India Local SMSINDIA
Free 847 31.36 28.50 5.70
  This SIM card has UK based mobile number

Add-on data bundles

Data Bundle 100MB 250MB
Amount Rs.900 Rs.2200


Recharge Denomination available is in multiples of Rs.500 talk time of US$5.50
Don't waste your precious time while overseas looking for recharges; buy your SIM with sufficient recharges for your trip.

GET A BONUS ON THE RECHARGE BOUGHT OF: Rs.1000+ @ 10% (making it 1100)
Rs.2000+ @ 15% (making it 2300)
Rs.3000+ @ 20% ( making it 3600)

Other Important Points

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    Prices are GST inclusive

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